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 HARK Basic Packages

Following are HARK basic packages.

  1. hark-designer
  2. harkfd
  3. flowdesigner-0.9.1-hark
  4. julius-4.2.3-hark-plugin
  5. libharkio3
  6. harktool4
  7. harktool5
  8. kaldidecoder-hark

For the installation and the documentation, go to the following page.

 Other Optional Packages


HARK-ROS provides seamless communication between HARK and ROS developed by Willow Garage., Inc.

Following packages are required for installing HARK-ROS.

  1. hark-ros
  2. hark-ros-stacks

For the installation and the documentation, go to the following page.

HARK-MUSIC (Unstable alpha version)

HARK-MUSIC package provides some modules for music understanding.

Following packages are required for installing HARK-MUSIC.

  1. hark-music

For the installation, go to the following page.

HARK-BINAURAL (Unstable alpha version)

HARK-BINAURAL package provides some modules for binaural processing.

Following packages are required for installing HARK-BINAURAL.

  1. hark-binaural

For the installation, go to the following page.

Here is a sample network file for binaural localization.
(The binaural separation function is under development and unstable now.)

We provide a sample wave file (3sp_multi.wav) and a transfer function database (loc_tf) in HARK_recog.tar.gz.

  1. Download and unzip HARK_recog.tar.gz.
  2. Put 3sp_multi.wav and loc_tf in the same directory as hark_binaural_sample.n.
  3. Execute the network file by the following command:
./hark_binaural_sample.n 3sp_multi.wav loc_tf


HARK-OPENCV provides OpenCV-based image processing in HARK.
In addition to image processing, this package includes object tracking and feature extraction which are perfectly compatible with HARK audio processing.

Following packages are required for installing HARK-OPENCV.

  1. hark-opencv

For the installation and the documentation, go to the following page.


HARK-KINECT makes audio input from the Microsoft Kinect Sensor device work on GNU/Linux systems.

Following packages are required for installing HARK-KINECT.

  1. p7zip-full
  2. hark-kinect

For the installation and the documentation, go to the following page.


HARK-Python supports node development with python.
This package is useful for rapid prototyping, especially for visualization using matplotlib, a powerful plotting library.

In addition, this package provides visualization nodes of sound source localization, waveform, and spectrogram, and

For the installation and the documentation, go to the following page.

HARK for Windows

Step 1: Get your computer ready to install HARK

  • For new HARK users and or users simply wishing to run HARK, we recommend the environment below that we have confirmed HARK would work properly (HARK初心者の方やHARKをとりあえず動かしてみたい方は、下記の動作確認済みの環境でのHARKの使用を推奨します):
    • gp504-win64-mingw.exe (gnuplot v5)
    • graphviz-2.38.msi (Graphviz v2.38)
    • Python(x,y)- (Python(x,y) v2.7)
    • node-v6.9.1-x64.msi (Node.js v6.9.1)
    • ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe (Google Chrome)
    • Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
    • Windows native packages of HARK and Julius and Kaldi

Step 2: Download and run the HARK for Windows Installer

  • If you want to use ASIO driver, you need to install ASIO plugin go this page: HARK-ASIOplugin

  • Limitations
    • Wios: Currently, it suppors only RASP, please use AudioStramFromMic node for recording from other devices.
    • These are the recording samples for PlayStationEye(885) and Microcone(903)


HARKTOOL5-GUI is a tool for generating and visualizing transfer function files by libharkio3.


 Download Source Code

You can download gzipped tarball from here. You can also get source by apt-get source

 Package List and License

HARK includes dozens of packages with different licenses. The license basically depends on that of the original source code. For example, Julius related packages follow Julius license. Almost all packages are freely avalable with source codes, at least, for research purpose (non-commercial use).
Only an exception is asrasp-2.1.0 which is provided as binary without any source code (not open source).

We changed the structure of packages on Feb. 3, 2011. When you upgrade HARK, we strongly recommend that first remove all old packages and install new packages.

New Package name Description Old Package names License
harkfd Main HARK modules (enabled ALSA RASP and TDBD16ADUSB) harkfd + harkfd-rasp + hark-titech HARK License
flowdesigner-0.9.1-hark Modified FlowDesigner for HARK flowdesignerhri GPL/LGPL
julius-4.2.2-hark-plugin Julius plugin for HARK julius-4.2.2-hark-plugin Julius License
julius-4.2.2-hark Julius 4.2.2 modified for HARK julius-4.2.2-hark Julius License
libharkio1 Library for HARK file I/O libharkio HARK License
libharkio-dev Header files for libharkio1 libharkio HARK License
asrasp_2.1.0 (binary only) Library for RASP series asrasp_2.1.0 SIS License
ws-ad-da-wav16 TSP recording software for RASP - HARK License
libtdbd16ad Library and utility for TD-BD-16ADUSB libtdbd16ad TED License (Japanese version)
tdbd16ad-modules Kernel module for TD-BD-16ADUSB tdbd16ad-modules TED License (Japanese version)
tdbd16ad-source Kernel module sources for TD-BD-16ADUSB tdbd16ad-source TED License (Japanese version)
harktool4 HARK support tool harktool4 HARK License
hark-ros HARK modules interfacing with ROS hark-ros BSD License
hark-ros-stacks ROS stack for HARK hark-ros-stacks BSD License
hark-music HARK modules for music understanding hark-music HARK License
hark-binaural HARK modules for binaural processing hark-binaural HARK License
hark-rescue HARK modules for ORPCA - MIT License

harkfd-tdbd8csusb, libtdbd8cs, tdbd8cs-modules, tdbd8cs-source, and tdbd8cs-utils were obsolete. We do not support TDBD8CSUSB any more. Instead of this, TD-BD-16ADUSB is now officially supported. You do not need to compile harkfd for this device.