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HARK-ROS provides seamless communication between HARK and ROS.

 HARK-ROS Concepts

We provide benefits for both ROS users and HARK users by HARK-ROS.

  • For ROS users
    • HARK Functionalities on ROS (Not many audio based packages available in ROS at the moment. We provide it.)

      1. Audio related message passing
      2. GUI based network construction
      3. Frame-based processing

  • For HARK users
    • New functionalities using ROS functions

      1. Simultaneous multi HARK network processing with synchronization
      2. Remote HARK network processing with synchronization
      3. Dynamically reconfigurable HARK parameters for tuning
      4. Event-based processing (HARK is frame-based processing)

 HARK-ROS Functionalities

All the following functionalities are available in HARK

  • ROS node generation
  • ROS msg Publish/Subscription
  • ROS srv Client/Server Request/Response
  • Dynamic Reconfigurable parameters

We also provide HARK standard msgs and srvs in order to realize seamless communication between HARK and ROS.
Following are available as ROS topics.

  • Audio Stream (HarkWave.msg, HarkSrcWave.msg)
  • FFT spectrum (HarkFFT.msg, HarkSrcFFT.msg)
  • Sound Source Location (HarkSource.msg)
  • Audio Features (HarkFeature.msg, HarkSrcFeature.msg)
  • Feature Reliability (HarkSrcFeatureMFM.msg)

Both single and multi channel messages are available for all above message types.

 HARK-ROS Installation Instructions

Go to following page.


HARK has been installed on Texai.

 HARK-ROS Tutorials

Go to following page.