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HARK-OPENCV provides OpenCV-based image processing in HARK.


We provide multiple object tracking and feature extraction which are perfectly compatible with HARK audio processing. The benefits are as follows.

  1. Provides the latest image processing based on OpenCV to HARK
  2. GUI based image processing programing
  3. Integration of image-based multiple object tracking and audio-based sound source tracking
  4. Integration of an image-based feature and an audio-based feature
  5. Perfect compatibility with HARK audio processing

 HARK-OPENCV Functionalities

All the following functionalities are available in HARK

  • Image I/O
  • Image filtering such as binarization, etc.
  • Image-based object segmentation such as Hough circle detection, etc.
  • Image-based multiple object tracking for each segments
  • Image-based feature extraction for each segments such as surf, etc.
  • Data transformation for integrating with HARK audio processing results
  • Image communication with ROS

 HARK-OPENCV Installation Instructions

Go to following page.

 HARK-OPENCV Tutorials

Go to following page.