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HARK-KINECT makes audio input from the Microsoft Kinect Sensor device work on GNU/Linux systems.

 HARK-KINECT Functionalities

  • Kinect Sensor is mounted as an ALSA device.
  • Audio input working on both native and VMware virtual machines.
  • Set of HARK files available (e.g. Transfer function database etc.)

 Kinect Tutorials on Ubuntu

You need to install HARK-KINECT. To install HARK-KINECT, go to the following page.

 Kinect Tutorials on Windows

Kinect Installation Instructions

  • Download the latest HARK for Windows on your Windows PC from here and install it.
  • Download the latest Kinect driver on your Windows PC from here and install it.

Device setup

Plug your Kinect into a USB 2.0 port of your Windows PC.

How to use your Kinect in HARK

We suppose you've read the HARK document in HARK Documentation page, and you have an intermediate level skill of HARK network file construction.

To use your Kinect in HARK, put AudioStreamFromMic module on the network and set its parameters as follows:
Name Type Value Explanation
LENGTH int 512 Number of samples in one frame
ADVANCE int 160 Shift length
CHANNEL_COUNT int 4 Number of microphone channels
SAMPLING_RATE int 16000 Sampling rate of the audio stream
DEVICE_TYPE string DS Category of the sensors
DEVICE string kinect Device name